6 Simple Tips on How to Effectively Clean Leather Furniture

Wondering how you can prolong the life of your leather furniture? Most of us like to have a leather furniture for its appearance and quality. Indeed, leather furniture looks classy and can be a great addition to our offices and residential houses as it emphasizes a great sense of style and fashion. The only catch is that you need to take care of it properly to maintain its good condition.

The following are 6 simple tips on how to clean your leather furniture properly to keep it “shine forever” and prolong its life.

  1. Use ordinary soap foam in dealing with the food wastes and dirt on your sofa. Gently wipe it with a slightly wet sponge with soap. Don’t use too much water. Clean the soap stains by using a dry wool cloth.
  2. Use natural cleaning methods to refresh the look of your furniture. Preheat a cup of natural cow milk until it becomes warm. Then pour the milk into a small container. After that, moisten a clean rag with it then squeeze well. Using the moisten rag, wipe the surface of the leather sofa. You can use a dry cloth to deal with the wet remnants.
  3. Use a sticky tape to deal with the ballpoint pen tracks. Simply attach the tape to the surface of the sofa then gently teat it off. You should always clean these unwanted tracks after that with clean water and natural soap.
  4. Clean the furniture’s coating from wax or chewing gum. Place a piece of ice in a small cellophane bag and attach it to the area with a wax or chewing gum. Then carefully remove using the back side of a knife.
  5. Removed marker traces using ethyl alcohol. After putting alcohol on the area where there are maker traces, it is then easy to clean the stain by using a sponge and water.
  6. Use leather binder and heavy filler to deal with the scratches on your leather furniture. Leather binders are good to apply for damaged areas with a thin layer. Then for the next stage, you can use a sandpaper to make the surface smooth. Using a spatula, apply heavy filler and allow each one of them to dry out.

Since leather furniture is quite an expensive item, it is important to treat it with special care. Taking care of it properly will not only prolong its life but will also prolong your money’s worthwhile having a positive impact on your house.

7 Top Tips for Furniture Shopping

Unhappy with the new furniture you just bought? Made a mistake of buying furniture that doesn’t fit your space? More often than not, we shop for furniture out of strong feelings to just have it without considering some factors, which only lead to being unsatisfied with what we’ve got.

The following are tips for furniture shopping:

  1. Know your wants

Do you need a dinette set, a couch or a bedroom set? What’s your budget? Whatever it is that you need, you should know the particular kind of furniture you want.

  1. Measure your area

Know the size of the area in which you are purchasing new furniture to ensure that you’ll by the proper size. Take note of the doors and windows so you can have an idea of what the furniture layout would be like.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

You should not buy a furniture made of sensitive leather fabric or light color pallet if you have young kids or pets that you just cannot keep off the couch, because they can easily be damaged.

  1. Shop in person

Don’t buy furniture online, it is wiser to buy in person. In this way, you can get a real idea of style, quality, and size of what you are going to buy.

  1. Go for quality

Buying a furniture can be costly so you better be wise in buying something that would give back your money’s worth. Look for well-constructed legs, sturdy seams and topnotch materials with a reasonable warranty.

  1. Wait for sales and discounts

To save some cash, get the best deal by waiting for the items to go on sale. The best time for discounted furniture is during July – this is the month where sales are normally down that’s why the stores are looking for strategies to sell. Post-holiday sales are also something that you must watch out for.

  1. Opt for delivery

Transporting the furniture by yourself can be daunting even if it fits into your vehicle. Furniture is heavy which can make it awkward or hard for you to maneuver. Spending a little extra to have it delivered by the retailer is wise not only in terms of transportation but as well as in setting up the furniture. You can have it just the way you want it to without breaking a sweat. They will also be responsible for damages that might happen along the way.

No matter what kind or style of furniture you are looking for, furniture shopping can be a daunting task. Knowing the factors, you must consider before buying one, you can save your money, time and effort.